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Northeast Biodiesel

Local biodiesel production using recycled vegetable oil

Yet another community project developed by Co-op Power

This manufacturing plant is a win for our community, a win for the environment, a win for our local economy.

Northeast Biodiesel will produce 1.75 million gallons of recycled vegetable oil biodiesel with an expansion to 5 million within a few years. We are investing $2.5 million in the facility and we will hire 13 staff to operate the plant. Indirect jobs supported by the plant will include construction and facility maintenance, people picking up recycled oil from local restaurants, biofuel blended home heating oil delivery, and trucking to bring in our recycled oil and other raw materials and to distribute our finished product.

Northeast Biodiesel is a LLC with Co-op Power as the majority owner. Co-op Power is a sustainable energy cooperative owned by consumers in New England and New York, primarily in Massachusetts.
Biodiesel is the only fuel alternative to fossil fuels for moving school buses, trucks and tractors. It can be used in any diesel engine or oil heat system without modification in diesel fuel blends up to 20%. It runs cleaner than diesel fuel and, with our recycled oil feedstock, it has a lifecycle greenhouse gas emission profile showing an 86% reduction over diesel and gasoline emissions.
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  • Plant Clean Up Party! Come join Northeast Biodiesel and Coop Power in cleaning up the site of our new biodiesel plant! Our plant is slated to start production in the winter of 2012, but ...
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  • Are You Interested in Using Biodiesel to Heat Your Home? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and rely less on fossil fuels? With the plant nearing completion, we’re gathering information to help you get the most out ...
    Posted Aug 3, 2012, 10:12 AM by Stephanie Molden
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