Our plant uses a FuelMatic biodiesel processor, unique in its low energy usage: less than 50kWh is used per ton of biodiesel produced, high product yield: 1.01 liters of biodiesel produced per liter of input oil, and, most important in its flexibility--it is the only processor on the market capable of producing biodiesel from used vegetable and animal oils.


How the FuelMatic works:

  • The feedstock is heated, then measured into the reaction vessels  where methanol and methylate are accurately injected into the flow
  • Once the reaction is complete the mixture of crude biodiesel and crude glycerine is channelled through to the GSX separation unit where the two products are cleanly separated and the glycerine is discharged to storage.
  • The crude biodiesel then passes through our purification process where any impurities are removed through an ion exchange process.
  • Finally the residual methanol is recovered for reuse and the resulting biodiesel is automatically discharged to site storage.


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